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More Efficient Accounts Payable Process, Automate & Track Incoming Invoices
Find out how versaAPAI will increase productivity for your Accounts Payable team.
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versaAPAI optimises your business productivity, regardless of where your employees work from.

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Serious About Streamlining

With versaAPAI improving invoice processing efficiencies has never been as powerful.

Your business will benefit from increased productivity and improved workflow.

versaAPAI contains all the functionality you would expect of an Enterprise Level Solution, without the huge price tag.

Standardise & Automate

We have developed a solution to standardise and automate the processing of all your incoming invoices received via email or electronic form and output these invoices into a single PDF.

By standardising and automating the processing of all your incoming invoices your organisation will be better placed to improve productivity by reducing manual handling and human error.

Your Business Rules

The solution can be configured in a myriad of ways to suit your unique business requirements.

Whether your invoices are received via one or multiple mailboxes, or if you receive invoices via a web form. versaAPAI can be configured for any business rule no matter how complex.

Many organisations receive voluminous quantities of invoices. When they are received they are all expected to be in a standard format for speedy processing. The problem is that this isn’t the case.
Key Features

versaAPAI is an Enterprise solution which means it can scale to the size of your organisation's needs.

However you don't have to be an Enterprise level business to take advantage of the features of the solution.

The system has the capacity to process in excess of 30,000 invoices per month per installation.

  • Automatically converts emails and all their attachments to a single PDF
  • Multiple file formats can be converted for example JPG, GIF, DOC, DOCX and many more
  • Seamless workflow integration with ERP systems
  • Reduce the possibility of lost invoices or paying the same invoice twice
  • Processing and volume reports can be generated ad hoc or sent via a scheduled email
  • Integration with versaSRS Case Management to support AP Team SLAs
The Solution Can Also...

... be configured to allow for multiple instances or multiple mailboxes for even higher volumes of invoice processing via its own Broker Tool.

The Broker effectively handles load balancing and therefore ensures that the invoices are converted and sent to the correct output areas.

Maximise Productivity

versaAPAI also caters for custom tags within subject fields of emails, which can be used to route the generated PDF output to the relevant area as required.

Too technical? Basically by prompting a designated character or prefix the invoice can be sent to a specific team or system for processing, therefore reducing the need to redirect and double handle the invoice.

A solution to ensure dealing with your invoices is a simplified, standardised, auditable and governed process
Customers Driving Development

  • "It is the sheer scalability of their solutions that impresses us."
  • "VersaDev are big enough to deliver and small enough to care."
  • "Whether it is supporting our HR department globally by managing 20,000 cases on average per month, or it is supporting our Marketing team with 20 cases per month, their solutions cater for both requirements."
How to Contact Us

If you have any queries about versaAPAI, please contact us:

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